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What do you get when you combine all the comforts of Italian food with the freshest seafood hub in the world? Tratotoria di pesce perfection in the form of Sendagaya’s Bogamari Cucina Marinara, that’s what. In a quiet area of Tokyo that feels like it could be a rural port town flanking a fish market in Italy, Bogamari showcases its menu in the form of live seafood. Serving no meat at all, customers choose from the lavish display of assorted seafood fresh from the market and then choose the form in which they want it prepared whether that be a starter dish, pasta, risotto or main dish, your request is what will be delivered. We recommend the spaghetti ai ricci di mare di Bogamari (sea urchin, tuna and lemon peel pasta) or the zuppa di peace (seafood soup) as go to dishes that are sure to knock you out, though the customization of your favorite italian dishes prepared with your seafood of choice is really what makes Bogamari stand out. Go fish.