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When faced with the question of "what do you get someone who has everything?", take thee to Donki. When you know you want to buy things but don't know what you want to buy and have hours to spare, find your nearest Donki and head there stat. If you're in desperate need for a geisha bobble head doll, human shaped pillows AND everyday sundries, your one-stop shop will be Donki.

Like its namesake, Don Quijote (Donki for short) is a bit of a mad, wandering quest through unfamiliar worlds. That's pretty much where the similarities end. Inside this multi-storied emporium of wonders, one can find everything you need, items you never thought you wanted and products you never even knew existed. In each of the 19 stores in Tokyo, Don Quijote carries 40,000 – 60,000 different products with seemingly no rhyme or reason. And yet Don Quixote claims that each store is meticulously curated – no doubt by some madman in the stockroom (they tell us it's actually the realm of each store's manager). 

For those with just a few hours layover or a free day with nothing to do, you could spend the entire time just wandering the chaotic aisles of Don Quijote asking yourself thought-provoking questions like, "are there actually people who buy a $200 gold sheet mask?" or "why sex toys across from the Hello Kitty display?" or "why am I so drawn to these elephant trunk boxers?"  and experience the essence of Tokyo without ever leaving the store.