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Legendary chicken soup. We don't need to say more but we will. The showstopper - free range chicken, Hokkaido scallops and Chinese ham boiled for over 20 hours - comes in one size and one size only: massive. G-Woo features other home style Taiwanese dishes – Kangbao chicken, Garlic pork, Tomatoes and Eggs – served for family dining in a modern, simple and cozy atmosphere. Now, you can't go wrong with any of the food here, but a real insider would sit down, order the original chicken soup, add cabbage and tofu to the mix and top it off with an order of green onion pancakes (which are actually made from the chicken soup broth). This spot has not only attracted younger generations and families who love to eat together, but additional private rooms also cater to business groups who want to meet over authentic local cuisine. Time to strap in for the best chicken soup in town.

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Type Restaurant
Speciality Chicken soup
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