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This magical hidden gem has been healing locals from back-pain and boredom for several generations. The all natural hot (and cold) spring built by Taiwanese locals provides a variety of pools to plunge into at all temperatures. Tucked away through a secret trail 50 meters south of the “Ba-ian Hotspring Resort” entrance is a private, authentic, fountain of youth like no other. The breathtaking scenery is filled with dozens of natural waterfalls and streams which creates an exotic and tranquil hike that can put the noisiest mind at ease. Weekends can sometimes get crowded and some adventurers have been known to get slapped with a trespassing fine (15,000 TWD),..it's still worth the experience, we hear…

Price $
Type Wild Hot Spring
Speciality Hot Spring
Open *
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

* May vary and subject to change