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Step one: enter and salivate from the smells.

Step two: use the special lockers for whatever bags and random stuff you don't want to succumb to said succulent smells.

Step three: sit back and observe how this team of Yakiniku ninjas operates in this cozy space with precision. Guided by the owner who trained for this exact kind of restaurant-ing in Japan, no detail is too small – right down to the wait staff obsessing over every aspect of your experience (beyond just saying “yes, we know how delicious everything is” over and over).

Order the OX WITH CHIVES AND ONIONS, and make sure to employ the ample lemons they provide to season all the meats you'll be self-grilling under the watchful eye of the staff. If Ox is too much for you, go for the CATTLE STREAKY WITH BBQ SAUCE. If neither is too much for you, get both. It's your night. Ask about the specials too, which are always subject to availability, because they pride themselves on stocking only the best. Like the marbling of an A11 Wagyu…salivating yet?

Since it's been called the best Yakiniku in Taipei, pretty much anything you order will be worth the reservations you locked in advance (plan on at least a week or two…no joke).

Price $ $ $ $
Type Open Grill
Speciality Yakiniku Japanese Grilling
Open *
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

* May vary and subject to change