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What you are dealing with here is the original legendary mango shaved ice store, if you will. Smack dab in the middle of Taipei's main shopping district of DONG CHU, stop in to restore your worn body with a ginormous bowl of BAO BING shaved ice, XUE HUA BING snow ice, or whatever it is you'd like to order.

Remember, the MANGO SHAVED ICE is the real star here - piled high with fresh mangoes , mango ice cream, and mango jelly. But if mango is just not your thing, you can add flavors like strawberry, red bean and peanut to those piles of shaved ice and brown sugar syrup.

Note to self: the line is long to order these ice monstrosities and there are only 50 seats inside, so time your arrival properly. Early evening tends to be a good time.

Yes, you could call it dinner if you like.