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It's a typical day in the East District, a popular shopping area among Taiwan's young and fashionable, and as you meander upon the alleys, gazing into the windows of small shops and stores hawking the latest from Korea, handmade canvas bags, vintage eyewear, and … you suddenly stumble across a line blocking you from the iced latte you desperately need from the coffee shop down the way before you try on those jeans. Initial reaction: “Oh god, not another doughnut / burger / ramen / soft serve ice cream / [insert current fad here] shop that people are lining up for”.

But… there is something different about this line… Ah! You begin to place your finger on it as you see that the guy with a horn rimmed glasses and hair like David Beckham is wearing a Deluxe Native American print overcoat. And two people down from what must be the Asian Johnny Depp, you spot a skater in a Bedwin & The Heartbreakers T sporting a pair of the latest Reebok Ventilators. Your suspicions are confirmed when the next too-good-looking-to-be-true 帅哥 to line up is decked in N.Hoolywood's signature digital camo print sweats and a Soph star-flannel oxford.

Nailed it! You have stumbled across one of the four Invincible stores in Taiwan that cater specifically to high street and designer menswear, and they are preparing for another limited edition release of yet another new brand they have added to their well-curated boutiques. What? Iced Latte? As you step into the line...