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At RAW, superstar Chef Andre Chiang conjures up whimsical Euro-Asian fare at arguably the hottest table in the city (for years to come).  Centered on the philosophy that simple and minimally altered ingredients are best, RAW prides itself on sourcing from nearby organic farms and local waters.  The eight-course tasting menu changes with the seasons.  Though you can expect a different menu every quarter, creativity is a constant.  Chef Andre fearlessly mashes up classic French technique with Pan-Asian influences to reinvent classic tastes.  Even Split Pea Soup gets a remix, reinvented as a green pea ice cream paired with peanut butter and uni.  A palette like this could only be from… the FUTURE.  The restaurant itself also shares some other-worldly qualities – large wooden “cloud-like” sculptures define the large open space symbolizing Chef Andre’s creative process.  You would think that a table served by a Michelin star chef would be wearing a white tablecloth, but RAW bucks that tradition by presenting top-shelf food and service in a casual, modern setting.  Better luck next time – there’s a long line for these highly coveted 56 seats.