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Taipei is often described as an oasis compared to its larger metropolitan Asian brethren. So what do you get when chefs who've worked in NYC's Per Se, Sydney's Quay, and Copenhagen's Noma all decide to make Taiwan their home? A pioneering restaurant in the casual fine dining scene of Taipei, an experience just as unpretentious as the city it calls home.

Mume's food is not really Taiwanese, nor is it purely Western. Mume's chefs apply what they've learned from their classical Western training to premium, locally sourced ingredients that bring a twist to the flavors of Taiwan. - dishes like the SCALLOP seasoned with lemon verbena, dill, watermelon radish and betel nut flower, the WAGYU TARTARE layered with clam mayo and confit egg yolk on top of grilled toast, or the BLUSH PRAWN paired with young bamboo shoots, creme fraiche and toast, crisped to perfection. Each dish, though creative and plated to stand out on any foodies Instagram, won't require a culinary degree to know what you are eating.

A little known fact to impress your group of friends or you're smoking hot date (and yes, this is a perfect place to woo a date so go find one), “Mume” is the Greek name for plum blossom, which happens to be the national flower of Taiwan, whose Chinese character (梅) is also one of the characters of the owner's mother's name. You're welcome.

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