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A boutique that reflects an eye for bright, minimalist decor and equally simple, yet creative window displays, think of Artifacts as a place to go for a tastefully-edited collection of products for modern life.

In addition to the latest men's and women's collections curated by the store's discerning owners and team, Artifacts offers everything from creative toys for grown-ups (but, you know, not those kind of toys … we think), to assorted accessories and accents for your home abroad (or your actual home, wherever that is).

And because you never shy away from a chance to control your dreams, they even carry items like REMEE sleep goggles which use low-profile electronic features allowing your dreaming brain to drink in the flash waves from the foam and breathable fabric to achieve more lucid dreaming.

While you may find your waking life is better than your dream life… but still, techno sleep masks.

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