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Sometimes, two dinners are better than one and nobody does late night eats better than Ningxia Night Market. Among all the night markets in Taipei, Ningxia is most famous for having the tastiest food - no doubt. Easy to get to, Ningxia is located in the heart of Taipei near the Taipei Train Station and accessible by Zhongshan and Shuanglian MRT stations.

Come here to this legendary spot to sample some of Taipei's finest street food - Liu's Yam Ball (fried taro ball with salted egg yolk inside), Roundabout Oyster Omelets and Linji Rice Cakes are just the tip of the iceberg.

With so many options wouldn't it be great if you could just pay someone to bring you the best that Ningxia has to offer? Well, you can: Chien Sui Feast (or One Thousand Year Feast) is a collection of twenty of Ningxia's finest market vendors who have been around for longer than 50 years (hence the name) . The “Chef's Table” of Ningxia Night Market, you can sample a prix fixe smattering of the market's best bites without having to wait in line. An affordable luxury for those balmy Taipei nights when a tank top can feel like a wool sweater. . . OK, maybe not the most appetizing image to close with.


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