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Some people like to travel far and wide to find the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Which is great. But you're more of a '15-minutes from a city epicenter' kind of person…

Lace up for The Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail located exactly that far away from Taipei 101, an insect-repellent-suggested lush oasis of stunning cityscape views and panting travelers, now ready for you to explore.

The most famous of the “FOUR BEASTS MOUNTAINS,” Elephant Mountain is the vantage point from which all those beautiful postcards of sunsets with Taipei 101 in the distance are taken (usually atop one of the peculiar, gorgeous giant rocks lining the mountain trail). Tip: plan ahead in order to catch the sunset.

The whole thing takes about two hours to do top to bottom, and along the way you'll find steep trails, and ridge-line paths which would be a little scary if the stellar views of TAIPEI BASIN weren't right under your eyes (which it will be).

If you're still feeling hike-y you can continue on to Tiger Mountain right from Elephant.