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It all comes from the owner's sharp eye for “WABI-SABI” (which of course you know as the Japanese aesthetic described as beauty that's imperfect and incomplete). We'll call him JIN – because that's his name. Say hello when you're in there.

After pleasantries have been exchanged, make your way around the floor of this beautifully stripped down-loft-style space filled with everything from rustic vintage furniture, Japanese paper crafts, and the kind of found objects that can add a touch of class to your soon to be well-curated home.

But this is no catch-all lost and found, with items strewn randomly across the tables. Arranged through the lens of Jin's discriminating eye, this is more like a gallery, featuring a collage of different objects, textures and types – rhyming and riffing in artful display for the shoppers who peruse the store.

Unrelated: “wabi-sabi” would make a great name for a hip-hop duo. Carry on.