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Sure, owner and world cocktail champion ANGUS ZOU is particular about preserving the ambiance of this decadent homage to the 1920s speakeasy, but he’s also particular about crafting serious artisanal cocktails that are tailored like a bespoke suit.

This is a place to impress. Confidently order an OLD FASHIONED and it won’t be hard navigating past the first date. And considering the deep leather booths are known to attract a more esteemed crowd, you can keep this spot in mind when you need to wine and dine some clients to “get them to sign on the dotted line.”

It is true, forbidden temples of drinking have closed more than one deal over time and Taiwan’s CHAMPION BARTENDERS are here to deliver on their end.

Price $ $
Type Cocktail lounge
Speciality Serious cocktails
Open *
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

* May vary and subject to change