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Bring your best mates to Tua Culture, a warm, yet sophisticated Taiwanese restaurant that elevates the local cuisine beyond the traditional.  “Tua” is Taiwanese for a gathering of loved ones over dinner, and the restaurant more than delivers what it calls the “Taiwanese way of homey fine dining.”

While GAOLIANG SAUSAGE, HAKKA-STYLE seafood rice noodles and other authentic flavors shine brightly, the Tua Culture dining experience is more than just about the food.  Design and décor are equally important as beautifully hand-crafted plates and pots accent your meal.  Vintage Scandinavian furniture from the owners’ personal collection adorn the cozy and intimate space.  

Ask the staff for specials and recommendations (many speak English) as the menu is updated often.  Tua also features an amazing array of desserts, made fresh daily by their French pastry chef – an atypical end to a Taiwanese meal, but, why the hell not?  

So, if your friends don’t love you after bringing them to this meal, time to get some new friends.