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Originally conceived by a city government initiative to restore the Keelung River, Dajia Riverside Park is a vast and green retreat from Taipei's urban hardscape. The park is a popular weekend destination known for its spaciousness and amazing waterfront views of Dazhi, including the famed Miramar Entertainment Park Ferris wheel. Located alongside the stretch of the river between Zhongshan and Dazhi bridges, Dajia is very convenient to get to via MRT or a 15-minute cab ride from 101 (to the closest entrance).

With many public sports facilities available, play at any speed you choose – whether you lace it up for basketball, tennis, football or just a lazy stroll along the river, there is something for everyone. Bike rentals are also available so go ahead, bike all the way to Danshui for all we care, but you may want to make it back in time for the water and light show at the Fountain of Hope (Taiwan's version of the Bellagio fountain). Heck, yes.