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Located in Dong Chu, this local lounge is a must - whether you're stopping in for a solo happy hour, meeting friends for an extended catch up or on that weekend transition from coffee to cocktails, Woo TPE is a welcoming hearth for all to enjoy.

The décor is industrial but homey and combines the vintage feel of a British pub with a post-prohibition American bar. With large open spaces and a variety of seating options - ranging from long tables that seat over 20 to relaxing couch areas – the atmosphere imparts comfort and relaxation by osmosis, which is only made better by their hand-crafted cocktails.

In a city where specialty cocktails are still on the rise, Woo TPE has been finessing alcoholic masterpieces for over 8 years. Strap in for one of their signature Moscow Mules where the ginger ale is replaced by a homemade ginger syrup infused with brown sugar or a Smoky Bloody Mary made from their handpicked selection of Chinese chili peppers and in-house vodka steeped with dried fish . And yes, the latter is served in sealed glass that actually smokes when you open it. Mind blown. . .

In the mood for some tasty morsels while you throw back some delicious drinks? Good. Must have dishes made to share include: Garlic Shrimp and Mushrooms cooked in a Taiwanese beer sauce, fresh sautéed Octopus and Tomatoes, and the Fermented Tofu Chicken. . . all blue-ribbon winners.

Whether you're winding it down or firing it up, Woo TPE offers a hideaway full of peace and spoils - that's the magic.