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It doesn't get any simpler than this cozy, traditional Korean eatery which is THE place for GALBI JJIM (braised beef ribs) in Seoul. Located about a 10 -15 minute walk from the popular Garosugil shopping area, the restaurant is situated in a quieter, more residential area, making it harder to find. But trust us, it's worth the extra effort.

We know it's a bit of a rib cliché (probably the only cliché when it comes to ribs), but the meat is so tender. . . wait for it – that it just falls off the bone. Slowly braised in soy sauce and sugar, the meat hits you right in the flavor zone, haunting your dreams forever. . . or maybe they'll just become a cherished memory. Whatevs! They're delish. Balance your meat-y order with the NAENGMYEON (cold noodles) is also a refreshing standout but people definitely come here for the ribs first and foremost.

Keep it simple, you know what to order. If you're anything like us, you'll fall for this place too.