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Not your everyday retail experience in more ways than one, the name Common Ground seems a bit ironic as a shopping mall constructed from 200 bright, blue shipping containers. Located near Konkuk University, this very cool ode to “modern industrial transportation” was designed by the Kolon Group, and serves as a popular stomping ground for locals and nearby students alike.  

The architectural spectacle is probably reason enough to fight through the swarm of selfie sticks for a peek at this place, but the shopping is unique too. Not your typical shopping mall or department store offerings, Common Ground features a “Street Market” hosting smaller lifestyle products vendors, and a “Market Hall,” promoting independent street brands and new designers. With over fifty boutiques, over a dozen cafes and restaurants and a large cultural space (for performances, concerts or exhibitions) it certainly has a lot to offer. Food trucks camp out in the central area if you got a hankering for a quick and dirty snack and the venue plays host to a variety of weekend markets as well.