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So you want to get dolled up and you need a break from soju infused Korean BBQ? Well, dress yourself in a sophisticated getup, descend into a plush Victorian library, pull the secret book and enter through the mahogany bookcase to your heart's delight.

The finest of speakeasy cocktail experiences awaits you on the other side and chances are, one of the world champion bartender-owners, EOM DO-HWAN and LIM JAE-JIN, will be serving you in style. Limited to 50 patrons, the chairs themselves look so luxurious that the grungy man down by the river would look like a king sitting in one (yes, we are actually talking about you). 

As tradition would assume, cocktails are the strong point here and with over two hundred whiskies and a catalog of bourbons, ryes, gins and other spirits, the mixologists have no shortage of materials to work with. The CHAMBER MULE, made only with the freshest ginger and limes, is a great palate cleanser before diving into your favorite scotch and ordering an appropriate food pairing to keep you in good drinking form. 

Le Chamber oozes class and demands it in return…don't let it down.