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Early morning? Late night? Afternoon delight? We got your Korean BBQ cravings covered. All day.

Known for 24/7 service, this is a local go-to spot for consistently incredible meats in the Gangnam area. This place is not for cow-herds! Once you walk in, you'll smell the beef cooking, and see the back walls adorned with large images of cows, chillin'. One innovation that sets Keunjip apart from other traditional KBBQ spots, is their “meat counter”. Upon entering, patrons select the type of cut, grade, and portion size that matches their slice(s) of heaven. Note: the butcher will deliver your selections directly to your table or happily package them to take home for all you at-home chefs out there.

 In addition to the array of KBBQ selections, be sure to indulge in the SEOLLEONGTANG(OX BONE SOUP), which is seasoned to your own personal taste with fresh peppers, garlic and seasoning additions.

Who knows, your late-night club munchies may give you the needed courage to really turn up the heat and help you sweat out some of your poor decisions.