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If the grass is greener on the other side, then the cows at Two Plus must be grazing there.

Two Plus is the other side of the coin when it comes to traditional BBQ. Specializing in Korean Hanwoo 1++ grade beef (hence the name), Two Plus aims for a high-end, no “bull” experience that hits you in the mouth. . . and nose, and, well you get the picture.

Featuring a sleek, modern interior in addition to the top-shelf food, this is where you go to impress. Just reading AGED STRIPLOIN and TENDERLOIN should make your mouth water like a hungry dog. Imagine what happens when you taste it? Sweet and smoky BULGOGI right off the charcoal grill. . . yes, you can grab a napkin to wipe your mouth right now, we'll wait.

Here, the grill bar is prime seating where the chef will prepare a special course just for you. Be warned, these seven seats are hard to come by and are often reserved months in advance. But, no corkage fee (a 3rd “+” if you will) so share your favorite bottle of vino and get your meat on.

And don't you dare think of cooking your meat well -done.