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A mainstay on the Seoul brunch scene (uh. . . ok maybe “scene” is too generous), Butterfingers Pancakes has been crushing all-day breakfast since 2006.  

Now with three locations, Butterfingers American diner styled concept is popular among Seoul's expat community (shocker!) as well as locals. Known for its massive menu and portions, try to get that run in beforehand, because it'll be hard to find the motivation later. Considering the name, obviously any of the PANCAKES are good – duh! Having trouble deciding? Try the SPLIT DECISION PLATE: a smattering of pancakes, french toast, sausages, bacon, ham, seasoned potatoes, choice of egg, butter and syrup). If I ever go to prison, this is what I will order when I get out. The BUTTERFINGER'S FRITTATA is a heart attack waiting to happen – scrambled eggs, mac & cheese, pepperoni, bacon, and sour cream. I think the saying “life is short . . . ” probably came into being because of this dish, but it's totally worth it – that's why we have doctors. South Korea has a fantastic healthcare system.

Butterfingers is open 20 hours a day, so whether you brunch midmorning, midafternoon or midnight , 83.33% of the time, it's open all the time.

Type Restaurant
Speciality American style breakfast