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From its humble origins as a sleepy market street just a few years ago, YongKang Lu, set in the French Quarters of Shanghai has turned into a bustling expat hangout lined by bars and restaurants. Speaking of sleep, it seems that that's one thing that locals who live on the street haven't been getting since the bars began to open. Lately YongKang Lu has become most famous for the infamous “water dumping” incident when frustrated residents tossed water onto loud revelers from their apartments above the bars.

These days, thanks to a 10pm closing requirement, the drama has died down a bit and the street continues to expand with even more bars and restaurants opening catering to the expat crowd. YongKang Lu is best experienced at leisure at one of the French cafes on a sunny day that turns into casual beers with friends once the sun begins to set. Your window is short given the early curfew but worth a trip as long as you know you'll need to make other plans post 10pm.

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