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It is not easy finding artisanal coffee shops in China, but Shanghai is one of the few places where things are starting to percolate.

Through its boutique, California-inspired cafe (and wholesale coffee business), Sumerian Coffee has been banging out “freshly roasted, specialty coffee in China” since 2011. This is one of the few places on the map that roasts and brews its own coffee. They keep a selection of in-house roasted, single-origin coffees and blends to enjoy via drip bar, espresso, cold brewed, or even kegged. Looking for a summer pick-me-up? Grab a KYOTO ICED COFFEE for some slow drip magic. The food menu featuring Sumerian's own Boom Boom Bagel brand, lists bagel sandwiches with colorful names like CHUNKY MONKEY (peanut butter, bananas and honey) and BIG COUNTRY (mushrooms, fried potatoes and cheese, topped with a fried egg) that are sure to satisfy some Western cravings.

The café attracts a mixed crowd that tends to skew more expat than local. Nevertheless, this is a chill and comfy spot that most can appreciate. Bring your homies, drink some fine coffee and soak up the West Coast vibe.

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Type Coffee Shop
Speciality Fresh-roasted Specialty Coffees
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