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“I've always wanted to get lost in a strange Escher-esque concrete maze of death.” That's how we woke up this morning too.

Located in the Hongkou District, the pre-Communist structure was built in – you got it – 1933 as one of the largest slaughterhouses in the East. Designed by the British and built by the Chinese, significant architectural style and decoration was built around the utilitarian core. Hundreds of windows, flowering columns, interlocking staircases and even symbolic aids for the cattle's reincarnation are built into this mind-bending complex.

Yes, the unique design of this oddly eerie and beautiful art deco achievement emerged from the sole purpose of creating efficient rivers of cattle blood . Now, it serves as a creative hub for restaurants, independent retail, design offices, art galleries and even a Ferrari owner's club. The countless backdrops even serve as a popular scene for urban wedding photography. Note: if your girlfriend needs an updated look book, or you want to be in someone else's, here's your spot.

Urban explorers, architecture lovers and cattle worshippers unite here at the last remaining building of its kind in the world.