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Men typically do not like experiments or feeling like sacrificial laboratory mice...especially when it comes to shopping. But that all changes when you step inside Project Aegis' lab, a shop catered to men complete with arcade games, pool tables and other man cave comforts.

Here, in the heart of China, you can peruse some of the most sought-after menswear labels from around the globe. From classic silhouettes to fashion-forward styles, the potential variables are essentially endless. Rag & Bone, Naked & Famous, Shipley & Halmos, whatever the brand is, you can rest assured that the goods are of the highest craftsmanship and are hard to find in the mainland. Did we mention that Project Aegis is pioneering introductions for the Chinese consumer for a lot of these brands? Well, we'll say it again just in case because that's what the team here strives for day in and day out.

At Project Aegis, international style for the modern man is the only scientific method. So ladies, cozy up at the in-house cafe located downstairs and grab yourself a latte or two...it's daddy's turn to shop.