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Now that The Mix Place burst onto the scene, magazine lovers finally have a local spot that can satisfy their appetite. This 3-story “museum of magazines” offers a community of culture, lifestyle, and fashion for Shanghai's globally minded explorers. In the name, each letter in place represents an essential thread of the store's system: (P)hilosophy , (L)ifestyle, (A)rt, (C)ulture, (E)dition. From the 1st floor through the 3rd, be prepared to take a journey through one of the most impressive curated selections of international magazines covering various categories across film, architecture, art, lifestyle, photography, and more. This is where local photographers, artists, and creatives visit to gain inspiration and mingle. The 1st floor cafe is a good place to camp out and enjoy. Owner Feng Zi Hong has really raised the bar with this installation, we like the weekday scene the best to avoid the crowds.

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Type Retail Store
Speciality designer brands
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

* May vary and subject to change