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In the thousand year old war for Peking Duck supremacy, purists may plant the flag in Beijing, but Shanghai holds its own with Xindalu China Kitchen. Not only a place for duck lovers, this place is also a “go to” spot for standard, traditional Northern Chinese and Shanghainese cuisine. Located in the Hyatt on the Bund hotel, take your out-of-town guests to Xindalu for an authentic experience in a modern and “controlled” setting.

Xindalu features an open kitchen with four live cooking stations putting the culinary action on full display. PEKING DUCK is roasted over fruit wood logs (in a seven-ton brick oven that was “Shanghaied” from the capital) and masterfully carved up table-side. The skin is served first, dipped in sugar to accentuate. . .well, let's just agree that it's pretty darn good. If you are looking to provide some additional tableside entertainment for your out-of-town guests , pre-order the BEGGAR'S CHICKEN: a whole chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and mud is roasted over an open fire and cracked open with a hammer. But more than the spectacle, the taste and texture of the tender chicken is sublime, which is the whole point of Xindalu: classic Chinese tastes, done consistently well in a place everyone can be comfortable in.