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It's 1920's Shanghai and you have been invited to dine at a luxurious European-style villa, home to one of the richest bankers in the city. . . . that's the experience designed by Fu Yafen (owner) and Chef Tony Lu of FU1015, the crown jewel and latest venture of the Fu Group (FU1039, FU1088 and Fu He Hui).

FU1015 delivers one of the most impeccable fine dining experiences in Asia (ranked in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2015). Upscale Shanghainese cuisine is meticulously prepared for you in a lavish Art Deco setting - capturing the glamour of the 1920s while simultaneously reinventing it.

Chef Lu blings out classic Shanghainese dishes like BEAN CURD SKIN ROLLS, ABALONE TARTS, CRISPY EEL STRIPS, and HAIRY CRAB. Even the common Chinese street breakfast gets a divine facelift with Fu1015's SOYBEAN MILK ICE CREAM and FRIED DOUGH STICKS. Who knows, you may even want to impress your guests by ordering off the secret menu inspired by the books of legendary 1920's author Eileen Chang. All you have to do is say the name.

Don't forget to “stop and smell the roses.” Steal a couple deep breaths on the terrace overlooking the private garden before your meal - you won't regret it.

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Type Restaurant
Speciality Traditional Shanghai Cuisine
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