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Everyone knows spaghetti and fettuccine. But do you know corxetti? Or mandilli di seta? What about casonzei? Didn't think so (if you did know 'em all, congrats—that's super impressive). LA is in the midst of a handmade pasta renaissance, and Factory Kitchen is leading the pack thanks to the literal-handiwork of Italian-born chef Angelo Auriana. Speaking of the MANDILLI DI SETA, don' t miss it. The name translates to “silk handkerchief,” and when you see the thick, ribbony sheets of pasta enrobed in a pale green Ligurian almond pesto, you'll understand why. We'd never steer you away from ordering more pasta here—(the CORXETTI with rabbit ragu is another must-get, just FYI)—but it's worth holding back on the noodles to allow room for entrees like the LINGUA—seared lamb's tongue with Umbrian lentils—that are perfect for sharing while you ogle the pasta makers in the open kitchen.