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It’s important to adequately prepare yourself before dining at Jitlada. That might mean pregaming with Pepto Bismol shots, swallowing a few ice cubes whole, or maybe coating the back of your throat in candle wax. Because when it comes to Thai food, there is spicy, and then there is Jitlada spicy.

The level of heat in Chef Tui Sungkamee’s PAPAYA SALAD is straight-up nuclear but the acid and freshness are so addictive you can’t help but go back for a second and third bites. Fire has become a signature of Jitlada’s southern Thai-style cooking, but this isn’t mere stunt eating. The kitchen deftly balances the intense heat with plenty of fragrant spices, fresh produce, and premium proteins. The GREEN CURRY MUSSELS are all aromatic funk and shellfish twang, and there’s an off-menu burger  that’s perfect to wash down with a few ice-cold Singhas.