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With only minimal changes to the original structure, starchitect Duangrit Bunnag took over an old warehouse across the river and turned it into something special. If you’ve lived in Bangkok in the last two years, you’ve probably heard of this oasis and even still, it’s worth admiring this cozy and rustic, yet airy and sophisticated, dining room. With it’s soaring ceiling, flecked paint and iron accents, the stand out feature is the eye-catching kitchen that sits open for all to view. If the space invites you, then the plates of sensational Thai food definitely delight you and keep you coming back again and again. When you open the menu, lock onto the Khai Palo, Nam Prik Long Ruea, Pla Haeng Tangmo, Gaeng Rawaeng, and Khao Klook Platu and you will never be disappointed. If this is the Never Ending Summer, we are more than happy to stay right here and lose ourselves in the season.