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When people talk about eating in Taipei, the first things that come to mind are the mouthwatering local street foods and delights that proliferate the cities' alleys and lanes.  Although Taiwan has been considered too small of a market for Michelin (at this moment), Taiwanese street vendors deserve the respect of preserving and evolving these traditional fares for generations. 

1. Beef Tallow Noodles

Made with egg noodles and beef fat, this seemingly simple bowl of noodles doesn’t look like much but is actually very aromatic (read: beefy). Add a pinch of soy sauce if you like your noodles flavorful.

2. Minced Pork Over Rice

A staple in Taiwanese local cuisine, you can find a satisfying bowl of minced pork over rice in almost every Taiwanese-style restaurant or bien dong shop. Trust us, you’ll be hooked after your first bite.

3. Spicy Wontons

Spicy wontons are actually a Sichuan dish, but they are nevertheless massively popular in Taiwan because a lot of people like to eat spicy foods. Add a little vinegar and a little soy to give it that extra flare.