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When the weather gets cold, there’s nothing more satisfying than sipping on a bowl of flavorful hot soup, and we know some of the best places to go. Whether it’s kimchi, beef, or oxtail soup you prefer, we’ve got you all covered. Check out the video for more details, but be careful not to drool on yourself. We warned you.

Featured List

1. Hadongkwan

For that bomb Korean beef brisket stew, you don’t want to miss Hadongkwan. These people have been open for more than 70 years. Trust us, they know all the secrets to an amazing gomtang.

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2. Gwanghwamunzip

We love to discover hole-in-the-walls that only locals ever go to, and Gwanghwamun zip is one of our favorite finds. This joint offers a truly great pot of kimchi pork soup. It’s flavorful, well-balanced, and cheap, now that’s a good combo.


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3. Jinjujip

For a delicious, thick, and aromatic oxtail stew, try to find Jinjujip. It’s hard to find soup this good in Korea, much less the world. The oxtail is cooked around 3 AM, so we recommend you go early if you want the best cuts.

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