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After a whole day of slurping noodles and cramming dumplings in your face—and, hey, if you did something active, good on you—it’s time for a cocktail. Ok, maybe two. Ugh, fine, you’re going to have between three and five, but it’s only because there are so many incredible spots here, and you had a long day. Secretive speakeasies and skyline views are the name of the game in Old Town, where you’ll find Stockton— a combination of a hunting lodge, dungeon, and world-class whiskey speakeasy, complete with a cigar room and dotted with dark leather couches for maximum lounge-ability. It would be a bad move to skip the Brass Monkey, Stockton’s signature drink made with HM The King Scotch and compressed citrus. But first, you have to find the place (clue: it’s down a dark alleyway and there’s a single lightbulb that tips off the secret doorway). For another, elusive Old Town experience, check out 001. If you can find the black-door and brass bell (and we mean “if”), you’ll find one of the best prohibition style speakeasies in town. Green leather armchairs and plush booths line this basement bar where there are still serious drinks to be drank - we like the dark and stormy. And if you’re trying to feel like you’re in your richest friend’s most aspirational Instagram photo, Sevva is the absolute pinnacle of luxurious drinking.