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You may not think of Hong Kong as your stereotypical beach town. That's probably because it's not even close to your stereotypical beach town. But, that doesn't mean you can't find some sand and shore worth flopping your body on—you just might have to work for it. You can access Big Wave Bay—a favorite for wind surfers—via the Dragon's Back hiking trail, which means you can kill two outdoorsy birds with one stone. It's almost unbelievable how secluded Upper Cheung Sha Beach is compared to how objectively stunning it is. (Don't tell anyone else though, yeah?) The sand stretches for several kilometers making it perfect for a literal long walk on the beach. If you're sick of nature—it happens—head to Repulse Bay for full-on resort-style vibes. Sometimes being able to sip on a pina colada in vague proximity to the water is all the beach you need.