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A summer cocktail pulled from the garden of Eden. A quality mix of floral senses to refresh your mind, body, and soul. Sweet with a hint of floral, it’ll remind you of summer’s past and bring you hope for the future.



  • 1.5oz Infused Chrysanthemum Tanqueray Gin

  • 1.5oz Infused Thyme Tanqueray Gin

  • 1.5oz Chamomile Tea

  • Rose Syrup

  • Bitters



Step 1:

  • Add Chrysanthemum Tanqueray Gin to cocktail shaker

  • Add Thyme Tanqueray Gin

  • Add Tea

  • Add a tablespoon of Rose Syrup

  • Shake well with ice

Step 2:

  • Strain over ice

  • Add a splash of bitters


Cool down, refresh, and take a walk through “The Garden”. Enjoy.