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If you love plum, you’ll want the Mizuwari. But who are we kidding? Everyone will love this plum infused masterpiece after Foxglove is done with you. Don’t try to resist, dive off the deep end and welcome this refreshing summer cocktail with open arms.



  • 1.5oz Hibiki 12 year-old Whiskey

  • 1.5oz Plum Wine

  • 3 Chocolate Bitters

  • Plum Soda



Step 1:

  • Pour whiskey in cup

  • Add Plum wine

  • Add 3 splashes of chocolate bitters

  • Add ice and stir well

Step 2:

  • Filter and pour drink into empty glass

  • Add Plum soda

  • Drop ice in  empty glass

  • Garnish with sliced plum


Sip, smile. Rinse and repeat.