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For those that crave local Taiwanese culinary excellence, Niu Ba Ba belongs on your bucket list.

Founded in 1990, Niu Ba Ba (literally: Beef Father), is a legendary beef noodle soup restaurant located in Neihu known for serving the world's most expensive beef noodle soup. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine, Niu Ba Ba's “Presidential Beef Noodle Soup” boasts one of the most memorable “slurping” experiences on the planet (pricetag: NTD $10,000). Chef Tsong-yuan Wang has dedicated himself to creating the best in the world at any cost, and the extensive list of supporters prove that he's hit the mark. After experimenting for 10 years, Mr. Wang blends select beef from 4 different countries, drowns it in a secret broth with fresh noodles, and adds a dash of minimal seasoning. Whatever he's done to that magical bowl of soup, it delivers on every count. There are only 4 tables at the restaurant and they don't want customers to feel rushed, reservations are highly recommended. Enjoy great conversation with the staff, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience - just don't be surprised if you sit next to a few michelin star chefs..this is what they dream about.