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Our Brand

Black. Black embraces all colors and represents our pursuit for unbiased, premium, well-crafted quality.

The infinity knot. Everything is connected, and our logo represents our commitment to connecting the unknown.

Buddha. Outside of religion, a global symbol of light, positivity, knowledge and goodness.


Black Buddha. A brand dedicated to premium content creation to connect millennial minded explorers with the best destinations, experiences and underground voices around the world.

Our Values


When you travel, you don’t want to waste your time or your money finding the best experiences. So, we bring them directly to you and showcase them via high quality media and content that bridges entertainment and utility.


This isn’t a crowd-sourced platform that leaves you guessing. We provide a first hand view through sight, sound and motion to show you awesome local experiences first hand. We know you want to maximize your time, stretch the value of your dollar and eliminate FOMO. Our mission is to become THAT trusted source you can go to for the best experiential recommendations that are hand picked and authentic to every city. Nobody has a best friend in every city, until now.


We wanted to upend the travel media market and offer a new product: a video-led city guide that scouts the best locations and shows them to you through cinematic quality video to inspire exploration and allow you to build your ideal itinerary. Black Buddha applauds the creators, admires the risk-takers, celebrates the innovators and cherishes the classics


Rooted in soulful minimalism, Black Buddha values premium design, favors natural simplicity and selects experiences and brands for intrinsic quality. From greasy spoons to Michelin stars and rugged adventure to luxury travel, we value good taste and unique style intrinsic to the experience itself


Driven by an insatiable appetite for hidden gems and connecting the unknown, we leave no stone unturned in order to bring you the best view of the destination – from the inside. Locally curated, we give you access to the best experiences and behind the scenes insight through exclusive interviews, off menu specials and cultural nuances like no one else can.


We focus on and take pride in providing an authentically local viewpoint. Our city guides are for the locals to uncover everyday experiences right under their nose as well as the regional and international explorers who like to travel like a local. We use our extensive network of scouts to open doors, reveal the soul and give a voice to the city. Tokyo is different than Paris and we want you to feel that.


Not only do we want to show you where to go, but we want to teach you how to do it. Our city guides go deeper by providing cultural primers and “know before you go” information so you can be aware of local customs, etiquette and practices and separate yourself from the tourist hoard.


We believe that people are inherently tied together and there are amazing people, stories and experiences everywhere you look – the problem is finding them. We break down barriers to connect the unknown, making it easier to do, learn how, ask why and try something new. Eating the best food, enjoying the best nightlife, perusing the best shops and exploring new places make us happy, and we know we aren’t alone.

Our Process

Leaving no stone unturned, we personally scout every destination and location in person in search of the best experiences that are worth your time.

We independently shoot, edit and produce all of our media and soundtracks to bring our city guides to life through sight, sound and motion.

We publish and distribute new media weekly to provide entertainment and utility and connect millennial minded explorers around the world. 

Our Products


City Guides

We independently scout every location and hand pick experiences from the “must dos” to the “hidden gems” that fit our brand standards and are worth your time. Whether it’s a classic local tradition or an under the radar innovation, we will unlock the best of every city so you can spend your time doing, not searching. Black Buddha City Guide will soon be available in Asia, North America and Europe.


We license and syndicate our content to trusted distribution partners around the world. Our current partners include Microsoft, Yahoo and GQ. If you are interested in licensing Black Buddha Media, please inquire here.

Private Production

Our proven ability to produce premium video content that captures the essence of aspirational travel and cultural lifestyle entertainment is available for private hire.  If you are interested in private production or branded content sponsorships, please inquire here.

Our Team

Dennis Chang

Founder & CEO

Jon Lin

Co-Founder & CCO

Steven Chang


Richard Cruz

Lead Editor

Rebecca Chen

Strategic Partnerships & Production

Vicki Ju

Project Manager & Business Operations

Tanley Lau


Derek Putlak


Marshall Douglis



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