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Now internationally widespread, the stand-up combat of Muay Thai is and always will be rooted in the heart of Thai culture. Popular nationwide from the mainland to the islands, the dream is to fight at Ratchadamnoen Royal Stadium, located minutes from the Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok. Known as the “art of eight limbs,” this mental and physical discipline is picked up by children around Thailand as early as the age of four – some for sport, some for survival. Family entourages gather in the fighter's corners, tuk tuk drivers shout wagers across the stands, and the energy in the stadium is always electric. Whether you are a true aficionado of the sport or not, a Muay Thai fight in the royal stadium is one aspect of Thai culture that everyone should experience. Pro tip: Be sure to stop by the street vendors outside whipping local favorites to satisfy your hunger before and after the fight.

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