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Traditional hand needle tattoos have been a staple of Thai culture for centuries with the common practitioners being Buddhist monks. Why? The spiritual significance and meanings behind the permanent body art are manifestations of the individual’s aura. Ajarn Noo, a former Buddhist monk turned spiritual Thai tattoo master, has gained international recognition since tattooing Angelina Jolie and consequently many other celebrities like Michele Rodriguez and David Beckham. His tattoo parlor is unlike any you’ve ever been to because he performs the spiritual practice in the sanctuary of his own home. Walk past the larger than life statues devoted to Buddha, up the stairs and into the top floor of his residence There you will find photos adorning his walls of countless celebrities, the royal family and others who have come before you. You can than evaluate your various options but here is the kicker – there is no guarantee you will get the tattoo you are looking for. You must first stand before Ajarn Noo for a spiritual evaluation and based on each individual’s aura, Ajarn Noo will either approve and customize a tattoo for you based on your own spirit or send you packing. So come with a clear heart, a clear mind and let your inner soul speak to Ajarn in hopes of a tattoo blessing that will be unlike any other.