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See why Hollywood celebrities and spiritual tattoo enthusiasts alike, are flocking to Bangkok to sit before this masterclass tattoo artist.

We sat down with the world renowned Thai spiritual tattoo master Ajarn Noo Kanpai to chat religion, history, culture, and holy spells. After spending just a few minutes with the guru, it’s no wonder why people from around the world seek his advice, guidance, and “protection.”

Interview: Ajarn Noo Kanpai 

I am a normal person like others. Since I was a kid, I began to notice that wherever I went, people always had tattoos and their own amulets. [Back then] in each city, people from different provinces did not get along very well. So I [felt] that I needed something to help protect me from being attacked. So I looked for holy spells and holy objects.


All of these yantras originated from the horoscopes of the Lord Buddha, calculated from the date and time to when he attained enlightenment and complete bliss. We decrypt his date of birth and arrange it into the “Five Lines Yantra.” It’s just like everywhere the Buddha went, that place is then blessed with his praise. When we have his good morals, bad things are afraid to hurt us...and any other angels that hold the Buddha highly, they will come to protect us because we share his enlightenment. This is why the “Five Lines Yantra” is so popular around the world. Be it celebrities in Hollywood like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, [and other notable actors]..they all have come to get treated.


Sometimes, foreigners question our sacred beliefs and wonder whether they are superstitions. I obviously disagree and respond to them.. “What about your religion?” “How do you use your religion in your life?” They reply that they are taught to practice and follow good teachings..and I say “exactly.” It is the same thing, we are not different..like the Buddha himself, I’m a student of the Buddha’s teachings which are different from others. I bring his teachings of enlightenment and translate them into tattoos for others. This way,..as we follow his footsteps and bring with us his good teachings. This is the key.


It’s an experience to watch this legend at work. Nothing but great stories, insightful teachings, and good vibes coming from this place.