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Beans & Beats owner BZ sharing his love on hip-hop and its relationship with Taiwan.

It’s no wonder why Beans & Beats is one of the more unique hangouts for aspiring musicians and artists. Music, recording studio, and killer coffee..BZ creating the spot to keep Hip-Hop on the rise in Taiwan. 

Interview: BZ

Hip-Hop itself is a kind of lifestyle, there is no real definition to it, but it could apply to many aspects and yet [be] classified as a form of performance art [and expression]. This is why our exhibition does not only limit itself to music, but to personal artwork as well.

People might understand the current trend in Hip-Hop, but 10 years ago, it was still an underground culture in Taiwan. We can collect the information and promote an understanding of the differences between Hip-Hop past and present in Taiwan. We provide a platform for people to interact and for inspiring artists to enter the industry. For those already in the industry, it gives them the opportunity to expand and make friends.

Coffee is something close to everyone’s heart. It may not be an essential item [for some], but it creates the leisure time [acts as a vehicle] for people to stay together and chat. Similarly, it may be a common affair, but everyone has a different version of music at heart, with different tastes due to cultural differences.