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Chef Nakul Kawinrat talks Thai traditions, eating as a family, and the beauty & generosity of Thai people.


I’ve endured the heat of Bangkok since I was born.

I’ve been working here [Never Ending Summer] for around one year. I’ve travelled to different provinces or abroad. I’ve lived in foreign countries, I [actually] just returned from France not long ago and I learned how to cook French cuisine.

As I know the owner,  I asked him if I could train here,..so when I came back and opportunity knocked, I decided to give it a try. It’s fun and I’ve learned a lot of new things [about Thai cooking].

The Thai eating style since the ancient times is eating with family. The food is served family style in the middle of the table. Everyone sits around the table, each person has their own plate of rice..and we eat together. Anyone can pick and eat what they like...and the food portions are not too small.

Our initial intention is to serve food for sharing. I think the Thais will always be like this. They always share [it’s in our nature].

We truly support the farmers. We don’t use the middleman. The idea is from one group called “Peun Plook Peur Gin.” They buy raw materials [produce] directly from the farmers. Each ingredient is from a different area. Some spices we use are from Nan, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai...and we order from various areas.

Bangkok is a very busy city and crowded...and it’s certainly pretty hot. I don’t think I’d move anywhere else, i’m bound here. All things, like my friends..all my memories are here. 

The charm? I think it’s actually from the people. The people from Bangkok, we’re never lacking for food. We can find something to eat 24/7..the restaurants are open all day and all night. If you want to eat street food or at the restaurant, there is everything for you to choose from.