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If you already know about the legend of Korean BBQ you’re already halfway there, now all you need is to learn how to KBBQ like a pro. The traditional neighborhood staple is where you want to be, but just like any adventure - you want to be prepared. Here are a few essential tips on how to KBBQ like a pro, but it’s so freak’n good that it’s pretty hard to mess up.


  1. Strength in numbers:  If you are the lone wolf type, this might not your best fit - KBBQ is best to enjoy with friends. A party of 4 is the ideal size per grill top, that way you can sample a variety of grill items, enjoy conversation, etc. KBBQ is meant to be a social experience, so dial up your crew and fire it up.

  2. Grilling 101: In most restaurants, the server will begin the process for you and get you lit up and on the right track. But once you grill gets going, it’s on you to tend to your top, manage the heat, etc. Don’t be shy if you’d like a clean grill top in between meats, or a new set of tongs, etc..it’s part of the process.

  3. Eat your veggies:  You’ll get a big bowl of greens with your order, usually romaine lettuce. Apply your paper rolling skills and wrap up your BBQ and you’ll be crushing bulgogi and kalbi like a pro.

  4. Sauce, fix’ns, and more sauce:  Each table starts like a blank canvas, but you’ll soon be joined by an army of condiments. We encourage you to try everything once, you’ll probably surprise yourself because “more is more” in this type of experience. From fermented bean paste, kimchi, to homemade chili sauce,..it all pairs extremely well.

  5. It takes a village:  Friends don’t let friends pour their own drinks, it’s bad luck. It’s common courtesy and good juju to have your crew pour your soju for you. It’s a giving experience, hook your friends up and you’ll get more in return.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a pro in no time. Remember to keep it social, keep it safe, and enjoy all that is KBBQ.