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When in Thailand, one of our favorite things to do is feed the monkeys. Depending on where you visit, you just might plan an encounter with these adorable furry companions. We’re always looking for new adventures that allow us to escape the fumes and exhausts of the city, so if you happen to be like-minded, then find your way to the various monkey islands in Thailand, there are many local tour guides that can take you. Bask in the sun, get some fresh air out by the waters, and if you’re daring, engage in some mild interaction with those wild animals. Always keep in mind that they are wild, however, so you don’t want to be actin’ a fool. However, if you think you can handle it, it just might be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your lifetime.


They don't only eat bananas. Wild monkeys have a varied diet that consists of fruits, leaves, roots, insects and herbs. Or basically anything edible they can get their paws on.


Don't get too close. We know, we know, they look really cute and cuddly, but resist the urge to pet them and hug them at all costs. You won't be smiling once they start getting annoyed. They aren't domesticated animals, after all. If you prefer to keep your distance, let your guide know.

Don't try to stop them from taking your food. We’ve heard that people who turn away from them in fear, or who have tried to stop them from taking your food have gotten scratched or bitten before. We suggest gently tossing the food towards them if you're feeling a bit shy.