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If you don't don't speak or read Cantonese, make sure to go with a friend who does because this quaint purveyor of milk tea and simple yet tasty grub doesn't cater to tourists or westerners. This super-local spot of course specializes in Milk Tea which is basically traditional english black tea that has been Cantonified but also serves up solid local Hong Kong dishes like garlic fried rice, savory ramen and other local favorites, all on the cheap . The combo of reliably cheap and good makes Milktealogy the go-to lunch spot for pretty much all of Star Street so plan on a wait.

It's hard to miss especially during lunchtime when it takes over an entire section of Star Street with outdoor tables but you can look for the stall out front manned by an elderly gentleman making milk tea magic. Service, decor and food isn't fancy but for you “hole in the wall” types, this is definitely a worthy detour from the main drag.

Pro tip: Act like you know and order the Li Li fried pork chop rice off of the secret menu.