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There are no rules at Nomada, a space carved out by Chef Marco Cruz who believes in a loose approach to cooking. The kitchen creates based on its whims, resulting in a small yet finely curated rotation of a dozen dishes. This casual approach encourages the constant reinvention of contemporary Mexican cuisine. Nomada’s elevated menu is founded on simple dishes with a touch of sophistication. Sounds like a meal would break the bank, right?

Surprisingly, no. Its mid-week tasting menu is one of the restaurant’s highlights, offering six dishes for--get this--450 pesos. With its great diversity of ingredients, much of which is local to San Miguel, each dish stays uncompromised and of the highest quality. Both the restaurant and patrons are kept on their toes as the menu changes regularly.

Hurry and visit Nomada where there’s always something new to experience. You’ll leave happy with both your stomach and pocket full.